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InDaTwist 10-20-2013 10:13

Exchange between COMMUNAUTY FR/PL

I am contacting you as well as the gaming community PL America's Army Proving Grounds, because I 'm part of the staff of the French community in the same game
I will put you joined the URL of our web site and a short description of it :

Currently the French community has about twelve active teams on the game we are trying to gather as a community.
We are providing the player , a game server , and a teamspeak server on which they can freely exchange their views .
And a medium in which each bit to provide solutions to problems related to the game and equipment .

Apart from this very community aspect we are to include part Ladder / Cup, which at first will be dedicated to French teams like testing.

If I make contact with you is that we want to create on our site internationnale a game in which the teams can discuss them come ,
build relationships , offer matches / scrims . And eventually our ouvir Ladder / Cup teams they had any in the world.

It is already in place to create link exchanges between community forum to live these communautées .

Would you agree to this exchange , and subsequently included on each community website URL links to it.

Waiting for a response from you .

The AA Staff -Fr

Dj. Gargamel 10-20-2013 20:33

hello I received your email and of course we are ready to start cooperation
you will receive an email tommorow

InDaTwist 10-22-2013 10:54

Ok Thanx for answer Gargamel ;)

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