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Domyślnie Official Launch of AAO-DAILY

Many years have passed since our favourite game has gone down the drain. Many years, in which we constantly tried to fill the void that America's Army left behind with other games. Sometimes we succeeded. We started playing other FPS games, MMOs like WoW, or completely tried that scary game called RL. Some of us have succeeded to completely wash clean of the AA virus and will likely never be seen in the America's Army world again. However, there are many of us left that will never completely forget that feeling. I am talking about the feeling that you have when you execute a well thought out strategy with your team mates and overcome the opponent. The hundreds and sometimes thousands of hours we have spent on maps like Pipeline, Mout McKenna, Weapons Cache, and Insurgent Camp. For the "newer" guys on this mailing list, those maps would be SF CSAR, SF Pipeline, Sandstorm, Urban Assault, and SF Hospital. We will always remember those times when this game series won award after award for Best Game of the Year and where we had more than 500 teams in the TWL Ladders. Yes, those times are long gone - but with the release of America's Army: Proving Grounds, there is a light at the end of this long tunnel. Ladders and even tournaments have started back up for America's Army and so did AAO-DAILY, which now resides at http://www.aao-daily.com !

The main reason if this email is to let you know about the fact that DAILY is back up and we invite you to head over and check it out. If you have not tested the new version of America's Army yet and are curious about what it looks like, check our VOD section which features a lot of the live casts we have already done for the game. We invite you to hop on our Teamspeak3 server and instantly meet up with some old school players from way back. Talking about old school:

Check out this roster of former talents (read: "old farts"): http://www.teamwarfare.com/viewteam....m=old+but+gold All of them are active in the game and would love to meet up with old buddies again. The IP to our TS3 server is following: ts.aao-daily.com (no password)
This is a server with 400 slots and you can request to get your own teams password-protected channel for free on our forums.

One more thing: AAO-DAILY is running an invitational tournament on the first and second weekend of January 2014 to promote high level competition in America's Army. All the matches will be live streamed on http://www.twitch.tv/jcarter123 and we invite you to join us to celebrate the re-birth of our beloved game series. More information about the tournament can be found here: http://www.aao-daily.com/index.php/e...ournament-2014

By the way, your old account for DAILY still works. All you have to do is to log in and leave us a message in the welcome section of the forums. In a few weeks time, we will clear the database from all the inactive accounts that have not logged into the site in years. If you would like to keep your account and thus support DAILY, please make sure to login soon.

Last but not least, the game is Free-2-Play and is available on the Steam network.

Hope to see you soon on our site, TS, and on the battlefield,

Your AAO-DAILY team!


AAO-Daily on social media:

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