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Domyślnie 17-05-2009 | Music in AA3

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Once again details about currently developed and beta tested third installment of the official U.S. Army game came to us from the official forum. Thanks to the producer AceKilla we did not only get some information about music created for AA3 but we also got a unique chance to listen to it. It\'s created by composer know to us from previous theme of 2.8.x line of the game - Doyle Donehoo, who also created music for such games like Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War 2, Savage 2. I encourage you to listen to the compositions from AA3, later in the news you will also find picture of the composer and full post from DEV. America\'s Army Main Theme (AA 2.8.x) AA3: Splash Screen AA3: Success Theme The Latest Montage  (...)
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